Altera Natura

Graduation Project 2020

As we increasingly live in a digital world, our perception of reality is slowly fading. Current technologies make it more accessible to create new worlds, which are mainly applied to movies and games. Worlds that stimulate our senses, but have a different purpose than real nature. Will this end up at the expense of true natural environments? Nature largely determines your state of mind. A walk through a landscape can provide a certain tranquility, giving you an escape from the artificial world you are in. Will technology be able to reflect the same effect?

'Altera Natura' is a world to ask yourself that question. To what extent will you accept an environment if it is an imitation of reality? Be amazed by the pure beauty that this paradise radiates. Feel free to wander in this new world.

Ingame Footage

Interactive project made with Unreal Engine 4
VR version is under construction

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