Copy Nature

Visual branding for the exposition ‘Copy Nature’ at the Academiegallerie in Utrecht. The design is a combination between a natural form blended with modern technology.

Nature is an ingenious system in which innumerable life forms and other phenomena keep each other in balance. Humans can learn a lot from this system. The functional adaptations that have produced millions of years of evolution serve as an example in biomimicry, the art of imitating the best ideas from nature, but our natural environment is also a source of inspiration for social issues. For example, we use the power of nature, we apply natural principles, or we hold up a mirror to ourselves through nature. In the Copy Nature exhibition, young designers show how nature serves as an example for them in their design.

For Copy Nature, 27 second-year students HKU Graphic Design worked together in teams. These collaborations have resulted in ten projects covering a wide variety of topics: from the beauty of bacteria to the hypnotic power of a squid, and from reflections on human hair growth to an interactive depiction of declining air quality. The work of the students varies from video to three-dimensional work and complete installations. The makers want to pay tribute to miraculous phenomena as well as encourage debate about our often ambiguous relationship with our natural environment.

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