AFAS Live & Lotto Arena 2023

Stage visuals for the new Goldband shows. 

Made with Unreal Engine.

Visuals: Kasper Steernberg
Creative Direction: Luke Kueter & Dominique van Rhee
Photography: Goos Hengeveld, Marc Prodanovic &  Martin Hols

Tiësto & Solardo
I Can’t Wait

Official Music Video

This video takes you on a journey through different worlds.

Video & Animation: Kasper Steernberg
Client: Spinnin’ Records

Human Error

For this project I teamed up with Boaz Stroobach to create a visual identity for Cesqeaux’s new album ‘Human Error’. This project envisioned a new style for the artist in which he can express himself more personally.

Animation + Visuals: Kasper Steernberg
Typography: Boaz Stroobach

Cover design


Het Avondcircus

Animation created for a dutch radioshow called ‘Het Avondcircus’ (The Nightcircus). The flashy neon and colorful typography reflects the fun enviroment the show wants to be in.

Visuals: Kasper Steernberg
Logo Design: Boaz Stroobach

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